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Insight: Ashkelon / News Network / Good Jobs / Punch and Pie

Published August 14, 2012

Ashkelon - A program started by President Eisenhower as a way to bring Americans closer to people from different countries is now dividing people in Sacramento. The Sacramento City Council will vote on a resolution Tuesday night that would make Ashkelon, Israel the municipality's 10th sister city. Palestinian-Sacramentans are upset because they say the Israeli government bars them from visiting Ashkelon without special permits that include an extensive body search. On the other hand, Sacramento has had a sister city in Bethlehem, Palestine since 2009 and proponents for making Ashkelon a sister city say it's only fair to have a sister city in Israel too.

News Network - Bond holders and pensioners are battling to get paid as Stockton inches deeper into bankruptcy proceedings. The city is planning to default on bonds but pay all pensions in full. Wall Street owns the bonds and argues that sparing pensions while defaulting on bonds is unfair, and is filing an injunction to change the city's plans. That means Stockton may have to cut pensions, which would set a precedent allowing other insolvent cities to do the same. Meanwhile tensions between Stockton and Occupy protesters are flaring up. Stockton Record Columnist Michael Fitzgerald joins us to explain the situation.

Good Jobs - A new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research finds that the American economy has lost one-third of its power to generate good jobs. A good job translates to about $37,000 a year (or $18.50 an hour) and includes benefits. California's unemployment rate is higher than the rest of the country, so does that mean that the state has lost more than one-third of its power to generate "good jobs?" We're going to try to find out how many good jobs are in California and where those jobs are in the state.

Punch and Pie - Sacramento's punk rock scene doesn't get nearly as much respect as the city's indie music scene, but now punk rockers have a new event to rally around. The first ever Punch and Pie Fest is a five day festival featuring 25 bands from across the country. It runs Wednesday, August 15 through Monday, August 20 at the Press Club in Midtown.

Date 2012-08-14


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